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Import REC 1.7c

Import REC 1.7c.rar,10.9MB.

Recently the main download server multiple failures, leading to many download problems of registered members. We are currently upgrading and relocation of the main download server to making download return to normal as soon as possible, sorry.

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Import REC 1.7cCrar
Ps - rec of SDK packagingVBrar
T-REC-G.991.2-200102Other Software Developmentpdf
R-REC_BT.709-5.pdfOther Software Developmentpdf
PS-ReC+SDK+v1.1.0aOther Software Developmentrar
ITU-T Rec. V.250Professional Guidancepdf
PS-ReC SDK v1.1.0eC#rar
Huawei flash RECDOSrar
REC Chinese versionOther Security Technologyrar
W688, July and number of RecAndroidrar