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OS (2420 Resources)

Intel CPU type and characteristics(docx)

API query tools(rar)

NASM detailed user manual(pdf)

C language implementation file system function(rar)

Computer operating system (third edition) ShangZi ying. PDF(pdf)

GUI entry guide(pdf)

Ntinsider2011 the second volume(pdf)

The operating system memory management experiment report(doc)

Bankers algorithm experimental report(doc)

Understand computer system (the original book version 2). PDF(pdf)

Linux kernel completely annotation(pdf)

Linux kernel design and implementation(pdf)

Vending machine VHDL program and simulation(doc)


Vps2007 Microsoft virtual machine(rar)

Operating system notes(ppt)

μ C_OS - Ⅱ Chinese material daqo. PDF(pdf)

Absolute can have a cd-rom installed black lion version of MAC OS x lion10.7.2(pdf)

Computer operating system of the mind of the principle of philosophy(pdf)

Processor scheduling and deadlock(ppt)