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Unix (2480 Resources)

(Unix technical training _ (nanjing xinlian electronic _ ChenJinZhong(ppt)

AIX learn basic(docx)

openssl for aix5.3 or later(other)

open ssh for aix5.3(other)

Unix network programming practical technology and example analysis the source code(zip)

Operating systems design and implementation (Chinese version)(doc)

AIX command daqo. CHM(other)

IBM official training material(rar)

Aix basic knowledge(doc)

LinuxUnix environment and make a detailed makefile(doc)

UNIX Power Tools, Third edition(other)

Unix crontab period task statistics(rar)

Basic knowledge of UNIX system(pptx)

Unix programming art(pdf)

A aix6.1 nmon of performance analysis report(xlsx)

Beautiful river production. UNIX system programming(pdf)

Unix senior environment programming third edition Chinese(pdf)

Unix environment senior programming in both Chinese and English with the second edition bookmark + source(rar)

UNIX environment senior programming PDF(rar)

Unix of commonly used commands(pdf)