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Cluster Service (2045 Resources)

MSQL2008 fault transfer cluster [PDF](pdf)

X9 B2 Socket Positioning - Sept.pptx(pptx)

Siemens authorized(exe)

Applicable to the Oracle Oracle Solaris Cluster data service guide(pdf)

Solaris Cluster data service guide forRAC 3.3(pdf)

Solaris Cluster system management guidelines(pdf)

Solaris Cluster software installation guide 3.3(pdf)

F5 LC standard configuration document(rar)

Hadoop authoritative guide(pdf)

Windows2003 + SQL2000 cluster installation manual(doc)

Weblogic installation manual (Chinese version)(doc)

WebSphere installation manual (Chinese version)(doc)

HP - MC/ServiceGuard double machine(pdf)

Remote control tool(rar)

The hadoop authoritative guide "English third edition(pdf)


Windows Server 2003 Server cluster create and configuration guide(doc)

2 sets of HP DL580; 2 sets of SAN Switch; A MSA1500 do. Doc(doc)

WebLogic maximum number of connections to be automatic monitoring program _C # version. Rar(rar)