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Virtualization (2142 Resources)

Hadoop combat (Chinese version and English version)(rar)

The net quasi disk independent version V5.3(zip)

VirtualBox 4.1.6 Software Developer Kit (SDK) Software development Kit(zip)


Deamon DAEMON(rar)

Virtual machine management(other)

Use VMware_ physical machine migration to the virtual machine(doc)

Open association Y550 VT function of the tool(rar)

Xen virtual machine call usb devices(doc)

APMServ - PHP local test server(zip) (Java virtual machine)(zip)

Virtual wisdom Vmware_Vsphere luck d memoir(pdf)


The judge port scanning(exe)

C language smart responder(doc)

Virtual wisdom VMware_vSphere luck d memoir(rar)

Linux command used manual. CHM(other)

VMware Workstation the msi fialed to solve error(zip)

- VisualSVN server - 2.5.0. Msi SVN server(msi)

The use of win7 Pbd virtual printer(other)