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E-Government (3604 Resources)

Streaming media technology in the application of the electronic government affairs(pdf)

The electronic government affairs, what is the electronic government affairs(doc)

Motor starting, braking and speed(pdf)

All kinds of orders and computer problem solving methods(rar)

Software project management planning book(doc)

KS - 298 - c specification. Rar(rar)

Top of the dream screen saver production V1.90 version of the green(rar)

RBF neural network of the weights of the particle swarm optimization algorithm(rar)

Picture batch watermark add tools(rar)

The second generation id card font(jpeg)

555 timer circuit design software(rar)

51 timer calculation 51 timer calculation 51 timer calculation(rar)

51 single-chip microcomputer intelligent disassembling tool(zip)

Epson R270 reset software(rar)

s3c2450 datasheet(pdf)

Configuration management essence(pdf)

Java web three framework (SSH) realize club CRM system(rar)

Constant current source c8051f020 C program(other)

PDF printing drive(zip)

How to use usb flash disk pack xp system(pdf)