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Computer network overview and wan _ the author: HanKeHui(pdf)

Software engineering course material - designated by the ministry of education(rar)

Visual FoxPro program design(zip)

Statistical physics teaching plan statistical physics teaching plan. Rar(rar)

Job English common English writing(chm)

GTP guitar spectrum - super Mary(chm)

Super education website backstage management system source code(rar)

JiangQiYuan edition mathematical model class exercises the answer(pdf)

Computer operating system ZhongXiu sun(pdf)

Mr Yu entrepreneurial life Mr Yu business life(other)

SICP computer program structure and explain Chinese version PDF(pdf)

Electromagnetic field and electromagnetic wave (higher education press third edition) problem sets the answer(rar)

Teaching plan remote education resources \ 20082 school-based training plan and scheme(doc)

Detailed analysis and design of UML(rar)

The operating system concept seventh edition problem sets the answer (dinosaur book) English(pdf)

The multimedia teaching software design and development, authorware(rar)

Rong xing grade analysis elves(rar)

Specifies the teacher performance statistics(xls)

To use calculators(exe)