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SourceGrid- Release_ SourceGrid4.20(zip)

1939 renad(pdf)

Principle of computer programming (multiplier)(other)

Innovative thinking overview _ entrepreneurial innovation(doc)

Beauty of black silk(jpg)

FX - and p programmer use commonly used functions(pdf)

AVR mega16 routines(exe)

SCM lonely(pdf)

Assembly language programming(rar)

+ senior Bash script programming guide(pdf)

USB HID usage table(doc)

Mitsubishi PLC basic instruction(ppt)

Microcomputer system principle and application _ the fifth edition _ (ZhouMingDe _ the _ tsinghua university press(pdf)

ASCII code table, it is all very good(doc)

CAPL programming is introduced and examples(pdf)

Microcomputer principle experiment instruction(pdf)

ARM Bootloader(pdf)(pdf)

Based on single chip LuYinBi design(ppt)

ARM instruction set (PDF)(pdf)

On the Construction of Artificial Brains(pdf)