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3g/Mobile Development (3003 Resources)

LTE user level training is introduced(pdf)

AV Converter13gp universal converter(exe)

Super compression software(zip)

GB/T 7928-2003(pdf)

GOOGLE part53 operating system(rar)

NTFS specifications (finishing) and NTFS - 3 g transplantation optimization points(rar)

3 GPP Chinese version - agreement detailed explanation(pdf)

Td-scdma chip evaluation board manual(pdf)

3 gp disk repair tools(exe)

GPU GEMS 3 part3(rar)

GPU GEMS 3(rar)

Used in 3 g double card Shared double nic load balance software(rar)

3 g basic knowledge introduction, understand 3 g material(rar)

GOOGLE part43 operating system(rar)

WAP palm library 3 g navigation program v1.17(rar)

3G Evolution HSPA and.LTE for Mobile Broadband(pdf)

China unicom 3 g mobile service charges system and standard training. PPT(doc)

3 g industrial chain of impact analysis 20090103(pdf)

Graphic Gems 3(rar)