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C/C++ (30762 Resources)

Visual_Foxpro database program(doc)

Realize EDIT control limit input(zip)

bea tuxedo(rar)

SDK JCS JVM overflow analysis tool(zip)

Absolute to use _vfw code highlights(rar)

Learning OpenCV. PDF(pdf)

Programmer interview strategy 2(chm)

Extended Combo Box control to realize the combination of selection of image frame(zip)

Realize point-to-point chat. Rar(rar)

Google language translation API(rar)

COM programming wonderful example 003. PDF(chm)

Sample demo sample demo(rar)

Curriculum design code (tetris game, personal information assistant tool, family financial management tool, personnel file management system, gluttony snake game, books management system management sy(rar)

At present popular programming languages is introduced(doc)

Pku acm 1338 Ugly Numbers code(other)

Pku acm1338 Ugly Numbers code(other)

Chat the original code(zip)

ADO database operation article(rar)

Programmer interview bible including interview questions and skills(rar)

At89s52 devices of flowing water light source code(rar)