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Software Testing (4182 Resources)


Version management system of SubVersion(pdf)

Under Linux add hard disk(rar)

Swat calibration techniques(pdf)

Based on the queue state machine - producers consumer structure(doc)

All kinds of edge detection operator (matlab code)(other)


Freescale ATD(rar)

QTP portal - checkpoint output value parametric video(other)

CD burning software(rar)

L1 norm optimization related procedure, and the signal sparse solution, carries on the classification(doc)

Hard disk data recovery superrecovery2.7.1.5(exe)

Nondestructive partition ADDS10.0.0.2288 English version(exe)

Madaline learning algorithm(ppt)

ADDS10.0.0.2160 Chinese version(exe)

Japan Canon full series reset software(rar)

Assembly language TD directions for use(doc)

More than 100 vb programming examples. Rar(rar)

Extraction script them(txt)

VHDL demo document(ppt)