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Books management system management system software report(doc)

Logo pictures, hope to be able to help everyone, especially image processing personnel(rar)

Powerbuilder8.0 tutorial(rar)

Virtual installation system software, networking VPC(zip)

Pattern recognition and matlab(ppt)

OCCI use guide(doc)

Supermarket management system VB + SQL graduation design(rar)

Meta analysis. PPT(ppt)

Oracle9i above version drive(other)


PowerDesigner latest. CHM(other)

SQL database experimental(zip)

FTP tool nxftp481. Zip(zip)

3 d R tree index the teaching demonstration experiment platform(rar)

An introduction to database system "(the fourth edition) problem set solutions(rar)

Proficient in pl/SQL(zip)

Database principles and application of the final examination(pdf)

Chap07 index. PDF(pdf)

OCP 043 item pool(pdf)

OCP042 question bank(pdf)