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Js characters turn pinyin and characters turn pinyin initials(rar)

Javascript senior program design original PDF(pdf)

Javascript senior programming Chinese PDF(pdf)

A compatible good js drag code(other)

Maxthon 3.0 RC

jquery1.41 API.chm(chm)

JQuery based tutorial common ten chapters, PDF format distribution, first, the second chapter(pdf)

JQuery Chinese help document 1.3.2(zip)

JS effects of source code, like can look at(chm)

JQuery zero base learning material PDF version(rar)

Jquery commonly used components(rar)


QQ online suspension js code(rar)

IE next JS debugging tool(rar)

Chinese version javascript_api document(chm)

jquery api ui(chm)

Use JSLint complete JavaScript grammar check(zip)

To know JavaScript(pdf)

Proficient in javascript + jquery chapter 6(pdf)

Proficient in JavaScript + jQuery chapter 8(pdf)