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core python programming(rar)

Python Core Programming (Core Python Programming)(pdf)

Python start programming(zip)


Python core programming the second edition.(pdf)


Python core programming (core python programming)(pdf)


Concise Python tutorial. CHM [Swaroop, c. H., the ShenJieYuan translation, Chinese version 1.20](chm)

Prentice Hall PTR.Core Python Programming (2nd Edition) (Core Series).chm(chm)

Python from shallow to deep Chinese version(chm)

Data Structures And Algorithms With Object-Oriented Design Patterns In Python(zip)

Python3.1 embedded VC two library file(rar)


Python software, the transparent synthetic 】 【 original 】(chm)

Eclipse plugin pydev for python(rar)


Python learning notes - WangChunYe(rar)

PYTHON tutorial is very detailed.(doc)

Core Python Programming(2nd).pdf(pdf)