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Soft Examination Test (8489 Resources)

In 2005 the programmer test project download(html)

In 2006, the programmer to download the examination(html)

In 2006 the programmer questions project download(html)


In 2010 (down) the programmer exams(rar)

Computer organization review material(rar)

System integration project management engineer the question(pdf)

The baidu star program design contest questions subject(rar)

Java program design basis(pdf)

The blue across the nations cup c language questions and answers analytic(rar)

Information system management engineer tutorial(zip)

Computer grade examination machine test simulation software(rar)

Using c # and Java to rewrite the overloading and hide(ppt)

Understand the grammar Java(ppt)

How to prepare for PMP test version 4. PDF(pdf)

Soft set review material(zip)

The software designer past item 1987-2010(zip)

Network planning designers the world (200911-201011)(rar)

2010 programmers exam questions in the afternoon(pdf)

Programmer questions(pdf)