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Soft Examination Test (8489 Resources)

2004-2011 software designers the world and the answer(zip)

The network engineer examination sprint guide (new revised edition)(pdf)

PMBOK2008 Chinese(pdf)

The database system engineer tutorial(rar)

Soft test (2006-2011) world(zip)

Soft exam ten questions(doc)

The database system engineer test item classification fine solution(pdf)

2010 software stylist exam outline(doc)

- 09 soft examination and the answer(rar)

Soft take an examination of the first half of 2008 software designers morning item analysis and solutions(rar)

System analysts the questions and answers(rar)

The database system engineer long endavors of calendar year(rar)

In the first half of 2009 programmers exam questions analysis(rar)

The software designer tutorial (second edition) p2(rar)

Soft test network engineer the simulated test questions(rar)

The first six session of national information technology application level competition _ITAT all order Java complete test(zip)

At 2012 C class training system integration project management engineer exam study focus on the core note test data(rar)

In 2012, the computer level 3 database examination question bank(zip)

Software designers the world and solutions(rar)

Information system project management division tutorial(pdf)