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MySQL (9000 Resources)

Management system ah(zip)

MySQL5.5 Chinese reference manual(pdf)

Connect to the database jar package(other)

mysql-connector-java-5.0.8-bin jar(other)

Understanding MySQL core technology. PDF(rar)

Mysql will know it will(pdf)


MySql will know will be hd Chinese original PDF(rar)

Commonly used SQL statement analysis(doc)

Shop evaluation of source PHP(rar) .(zip)


Mysql source based on unlix/Linux platform(other)

High performance MYSQL(pdf)

Computer grade examination system (database technology)(doc)

Database experimental(pdf)

The_MySQL_C_API_ programming examples(doc)

MySql simple introductory tutorial(doc)

An introduction to database system after the fourth edition of the WangShanZhu)(doc)