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Hardware Development (48746 Resources)

Embedded in the classical embedded training materials PPT(rar)

Single chip microcomputer principle and interface technology 2 (3)(rar)

DevKit MCS51 Lite series MCU development board document(doc)

Digital Signal ProcessingThe Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing(pdf)

Intelligent mobile phone operating system introduce intelligent mobile phone operating system is introduced(pdf)

Tank water level MCU control system design(zip)

Based on single chip resistance furnace temperature control system design(doc)

Digital frequency meter (based on single chip)(other)

Assembly language 16 double word subtraction(other)

FPGA programming(pdf)

MAXIMO extended development - typical applications - class - parameter configuration instructions. Rar(rar)

SPSS FOR WINDOWS brief tutorial directory(rar)

Based on the FPGA hardware way realization of fingerprint identification system research _ the third chapter fingerprint recognition system _41_5 hardware implementation(chm)

Based on the 8051 single chip digital thermometer(rar)

A 8051 single chip two-way communication(rar)

Based on the DDS Verilog design(rar)

AT89C51 technology index(pdf)

IDA pro disassembling tutorial 1(rar)

Wiley - Advanced FPGA Design [2007] .pdf(pdf)

Usb development board schematic diagram pads and protel diagram(chm)