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RMaps. Under the APK Android map browser software(zip)

Hello, Android Introducing Google's Mobile Development Platform - Burnette(pdf)

HTTP upload - android to realize(rar)

Android SDK 2.2 source code(rar)

Google Android SDK development of examples (the full version). Part1. Rar(rar)

Android application architecture principle and program realization. PDF(pdf)

Google android introduction and actual combat the source code(chm)

Android_opengl source(zip)

android resource doc(rar)

Android Chinese tutorial common six part of that, the feeling is very good, so the upload(rar)

Andbook (Android_1. 0 _ebook_by_tom_kao_2008_10_15, andbook, HeQingJun Android mobile phone of doudizhu game design and implementation - design documentation, McGraw. Hill. Android. A.P rogrammers. Gu(rar)

Android 2.2 phone source(rar)

ANDROID SDK development paradigm daqo PDF(pdf)

Ecplise ADT-0.9.1(zip)

Android OpenGL ES study examples(rar)

android sample(rar)

Transplantation Android to S3C6410(pdf)

Google Droid Sans Fallback Chinese font(rar)

Starting from scratch learn android game development(rar)

Android 1.5 SDK source code, the real can join Eclipse, the second part(chm)