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JavaME (2390 Resources)

BBS (Struts 2 + Hibernate + Spring realize)(zip)

Tanks war game source code. Material. Document(zip)

The Chinese word segmentation software(other)

ADT15.0.0 official version(zip)

J2me development of Nokia cellular phone game tanks war(zip)

J2ME mobile phone edition tanks war(rar)

Java Chinese(other)

Mapwin map editor(exe)

Linux under the JDK installation(docx)

JDBC database connection(doc)

Hibernate development guidelines(pdf)

Chinese Struts in Action(pdf)

thinking in java(txt)


J2me bus inquires the source (for reference only)(rar)

J2me_lwuit_api CHM manual(other)

J2me_api CHM manual(other)

Java me game development of technology(other)

spring in action(pdf)

QQ synchronous assistant(other)