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MeeGo (125 Resources)


From computers to connect N9 for visual operation(zip)

Along with the E line unhide [network Settings] tool(exe)

The version of ubuntu Qt installing new ShouBan (turn)(pdf)

Under Windows build MeeGo development environment(doc)


Meego system structure diagram meego system structure diagram(doc)

Unity localization package(zip)

Qt4 details(pdf)

Qt tutorials and c++ tutorial(ppt)

Providence client(exe)

Intel_Visual_Fortran_ _Visual_Studio_ integrated with some problems(pdf)

The emd method CLFS(pdf)

The emd method CLFS script(other)

CSDN from integral download tools. Zip(zip)

Meego. Img making notes(doc)

Libmeegotouch installation notes(doc)