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WebOS (435 Resources)

Based on Linux OpenVPN network application of network architecture(rar)

Very good very good very good(exe)

With ASP.Net (C_) connection method of Oracle database(txt)

C# connecting Oracle collection(txt)

Proficient in struts MVC javaweb development(pdf)

PhoneGap - API English description(rar)

Web + widget material. Rar(rar)

Library Management(pdf)

China unicom digital cellular mobile communication network MMS business CPSP business development standard V1(doc)

Shanghai and Mr Message interface adjustment(rar)

JQuery Mobile development (jQuery. Mobile)(pdf)

Java3D in his own definition of scene graph and observation mode(docx)

C language interface and implementation create reusable software technology (English version). PDF(pdf)

dojo api(other)

Single men and women built-in voice program(rar)

Palm pixi plus specification(doc)

The bus query system(zip)

Symbian how-to tutorials(rar)

Palm WebOS(pdf)

Action + extjs development(rar)