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Putty is a free, Windows and flat the Telnet, rlogin and SSH client(exe)

Cloud computing entry guide(pdf)

Simple design patterns(pdf)

Screen record professional tools(rar)

Jdom jar bag(other)

XML detailed tutorial(docx)

Systematic Software Testing(other)

The Art of Software Testing Second Edition(pdf)

[virtualization and cloud computing]. (virtualization and cloud computing) group. Scan version(pdf)

Google input method(exe)

Serial debugging assistant 3.0(rar)

USB interface technology and application of common sense(pdf)

Advanced system architect training materials(pdf)

Ready For 4GB(rar)

Mathematical modeling of algorithm(pdf)

MongoDB authoritative guide Chinese version(pdf)

The programmer's self-cultivation - link, loading and library(pdf)

Rogue software clear master(exe)

Crazy programmers(pdf)

Wubi root table(jpg)